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Providing Quality Productions

At Koko Z Media we have two rules – story is everything, strive for quality.
We pride ourselves on our ability to produce unique, entertaining and quality content from any brief.
We are constantly refining our ability to tell  your stories quickly, simply and professionally.
We have drone operators that are CASA licensed and insured. Give your story the edge by using aerial cinematography

CASA Licensing & Registration ARN 1025654

Aerial Drone Cinematography

Everything looks better from the air. At KOKO Z media we make the impossible, possible. We are CASA licenced and insured and extremely experienced when it comes to piloting drones.

Concert Events

At KOKO Z media, we have a passion for live concert filming which stems from our staff still to this day active within the music industry. Nothing beats the atmosphere this is why we offer this service. We capture the event so you have it forever.

Product Promotion

We produce inspiring product review videos and deliver powerful marketing messages through a creative team that listens to your needs. From a simple brief we are able to create a product review that is both engaging and informative 

Wedding Videos & Cinematography

We turn what used to be wedding videos into wedding films. Multiple camera angles, cutting edge equipment, fun music, and creative editing define our style. Nothing says I love you more than adding aerial shots to you special day.

Corporate Event

There is far more to event filming than pointing a camera and the KOKO Z media team are experienced in providing the complete package. We know exactly what we are doing so we can take care of the planning, the structure, scoping out the location and deciding how best to capture the occasion and at what angle. We capture, so you can concentrate on the event

Training Videos

People learn nothing when they are asleep this is why at KOKO Z media we believe that learning should be fun, easy and accessible. we will help you through film to target audience’s, Engage and connect through your website or social media pages. At KOKO Z media we can produce and manage productions as short as a 30-second power message and help create films to entertain your market.

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